Kairos embodies the value of Christian faith as lived and experienced in community. During the three and a half day retreat students are given the opportunity to step away from the hectic pace of everyday life to look within themselves to find their true worth as people in relationship with God, family and friends.  The retreat involves hearing faith talks, small and large group sessions, prayer, mass and other retreat experiences.

2014 - 2015 Kairos dates are:  Oct. 23 - 25,  Feb. 11 - 14, Mar. 25 - 28.   Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.  We will do our best to give you your first choice.  Confirmation of which retreat you are on will come in mid to late September.  Please note that students participating in choir and the musical cannot sign up for Winter Kairos as rehearsal times conflict. 

 Registration for the Kairos retreat will occur online starting soon!

Questions? Call Community Ministry 206-577-2173  Room 104 McDonnell Hall 

FAQ’S – Frequently Asked Questions

 What is Kairos? Is it required?

 Kairos is a retreat for juniors where students are asked to explore their relationships with Self, Others and God. It is an optional retreat attended by 95% of the class Students have a choice of three times to go: end of October, January or March.

 What does Kairos mean?!?

Kairos is a Greek word for time which is distinct from chronological time (Chronos). We call it God’s time or the “opportune moment.” We try to provide an experience where ordinary time is left behind. Students are asked to leave their cell phones and watches at home to help them enter this “time out of time.” Kairos is a popular retreat model nationally for Catholic High Schools and Universities.

What is the format of the retreat?

Much of what happens on Kairos is a surprise, but our goal is to encourage students in their spiritual formation and how to become leaders in their own lives. Retreatants hear talks and participate in small group discussions. We include indoor and outdoor activities, so warm clothing is important. The retreat concludes with a mass.

Can I come late or leave early from the retreat?

Because of the continuous and seamless nature of this retreat, no student will be permitted to arrive late or leave early; no exceptions!

What do students need to bring on the Retreat?

You will receive a "To Bring List" when you register for the retreat, including emergency contact phone numbers for the time you are gone. We encourage you to bring any musical instrument that you play.

Packing List – Please put your name on all items!
• Sleeping bag and pillow
• Clothes for wet and rainy weather, including a jacket for outside activities
• Towel, soap and toiletries
• A second pair of shoes and change of clothes in case of rain
• Refillable water bottle
• Flashlight
• Optional: journal, camera, sports equipment, soccer, football, Frisbee, etc.
• Musical instrument, if you play one
• Money for possible fast food stop on way home ($5)
• Please do NOT bring cell phones or personal music players.

How long is the retreat and how much school will a student miss?

The retreat runs from Wednesday after school to Saturday evening. Students miss school on two days (Thursday and Friday) and are responsible for work missed during that time. We depart from and return to Seattle Prep. Faculty are given a retreat roster of which students will attend Kairos and do their best to work with the student to mitigate work load and impact. Communication is key from the student to faculty.

Which is the best time to go? Fall, Winter or Spring?

This depends very much on your athletic and activities schedule. Because of the seamless nature of the retreat, no one may arrive late or leave early from Kairos, so you need to choose a time when you have the fewest conflicts and can clear your calendar for the four days. Every Kairos has the same format but not necessarily the same venue. We currently alternate between Camp Brotherhood in Arlington and Camp Burton on Vashon Island.

How do I sign up for Kairos?

Send in the selection sheet that goes out in the summer mailing in July to give your preference. Most students get their first choice, if they turn in this form before the start of school. You will then be sent registration materials in the mail two months prior to your selected retreat asking for payment and the permission form. If there is not room on your first choice retreat, you will be contacted at the beginning of school.

How much does it cost?

The cost is currently $220 and there is financial assistance available. The camps typically raise their rates every two years.

Who leads this retreat?

Two Seattle Prep Community Ministers (Campus Ministers) serve as point people for the retreat and spend eight weeks training 7-8 senior leaders. Five additional faculty and staff attend each retreat. 

Who can I talk with if I have worries, concerns or questions about this or any other retreat experience?

You can call Community Ministry 206 577-2173 or email us.   Any Community Minister would be happy to talk with you about the retreat program and the overall 4 year retreat plan for the Spiritual Development of our students.

My Family is not Catholic. What does my son or daughter need to know before going?

The short answer is nothing. The retreat is structured in such a way to deepen their own faith life, all are welcome to participate at their own level of comfort. Please feel free to contact any member of the Community Ministry team to discuss this or similar concerns.

Is there any follow up that happens after the retreat?

Students are invited to continue their retreat experience by attending weekly mass at Prep. Students can check out of their liturgy/study hall and attend mass in the Healy Chapel on liturgy days. Students are also invited to two separate reunions. One is held during lunch a month or so after the retreat, the second is held in the evening at Prep.




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