Use your teacher as a primary resource. Email addresses are available through the school website.

Use for a variety of study/practice materials for math and Spanish classes.       

COUNSELORS (A 216 - St. Ignatius Hall)
Jolene Boyle, Freshmen and Sophomores A-G
Jim Johnston, Freshmen and Sophomores H-O
Ron Zipse, Freshmen and Sophomores
Kathy Krueger, Juniors and Seniors A-J
Sandra Foy, Juniors and Seniors K-Z

LIBRARY   (Mrs. Abe, Ms. Borgan, and Mrs. Wyatt)
M-Th   7:15-4:30, F   7:15-3:30 (closed during liturgies)
The library is located in Adelphia Memorial Hall.  Here, students can find a core collection of books and other materials that can be checked out and computers for student use during open hours.  From the library webpage, students can access 20 databases, a large collection of eBooks and audiobooks 24 hours/7days a week from school and home.  To obtain the confidential passwords for each of these resources, stop by the library desk.

The LRC offers their Peer Tutor program available to any student beginning in early October.  Monday-Thursday from 2:45-3:45 students may come to the LRC classroom  for academic help with a highly capable student, whether it is for a test, paper, homework assignment, project, etc. Posted outside the LRC classroom are the subjects offered each afternoon. Students may drop-in for help on these days or schedule regular times to meet with a peer tutor. (Supervised by Ms. Allen-Johnson)

The National Honor Society offers a Peer Tutor program beginning in early February. 

PEER NOTES   Beginning the 1st week in October, available from any school computer (cannot be accessed from home).  Found on P:drive in a folder labeled LRC Peer Notes 14-15. (Supervised by Ms. Ferresse).

Beginning ten minutes after school is dismissed in room A100, this hour-long quiet study hall can be used to take make-up tests/quizzes or to catch up on HW. Bonus: on B-days in room A101, the Window period may be used to extend the study hall/testing period.

Math Help - 
AP Calculus Help -
Chemistry Help:
Spanish Help –
Writers’ Workshop –

LRC  (Mrs. Melonson)
The LRC offers support services for students with diagnosed learning differences.  Hours of operation are 7:30am – 5:00pm.

Computer labs:  Lit-Study and Window.
Library and LRC (see above)


Seattle Preparatory School

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